All kinds of disgusting

Speaking of, they just posted another bookgeek-friendly interview, this one with Everything Sucks: Losing My Mind and Finding Myself in a High School Quest for Cool author Hannah Friedman.

Now, Ms. Friedman is a good interview (although I disagree with her about Blair from the TV show Gossip Girl having no depth, but that's an argument I have chosen to spare you), but my world was rocked when she got to the section about writing about eating disorders, and says that she didn't want to mention specific eating-disorder techniques, like "[swallowing] cotton balls to fill up [her] stomach".

Oh. My.

People do that?! That is, like, mind-blowingly gross! Just the idea of it makes my brain shudder.

So, yeah. Solid interview, but now that she's told me about the cotton ball thing I'll never be able to read her book. If she can toss something like that out in idle conversation, who knows what horrors lurk in the pages of her memoir?
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