My eyes, they bleed...

Sweet Georgia peaches!

Annnnnnd here's the publisher's description:

"Mr. Darcy just isn't Flip Allison's style. She prefers novels with hot sex on the bathroom sink to the mannerly, high-tension longing of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. That is, until she pays a visit to Madame K, who promises a therapeutic massage with an opportunity to "Imagine Yourself in Your Favorite Book." Somehow, on the way to a sizzling sink-top session with a Venetian Adonis, Flip lands right in the middle of Regency England -- and dangerously close to handsome Mr. Darcy. So close, in fact, that she discovers a side of him even Jane Austen couldn't have imagined.

Waking from her massage, Flip is on top of the world and ready for her upcoming book club -- that is, until she notices a new scene in which Darcy and spunky heroine Lizzy Bennet are arguing over...Flip Allison? Her rapturous liaison with Darcy has had disastrous consequences for Austen's characters -- not to mention millions of Pride and Prejudice fans! Flip has twenty-four hours to put the story back on course, and Magnus Knightley, a sexy but imperious scholar whose brooding good looks and infuriating arrogance are decidedly Darcy-like, is the only one who can help. The only problem is, Flip can't keep her hands off him, either...."
I'd think this was a joke ("When fanfic authors attack!"), but I saw it at the bookstore last night.
Posted by: Julianka


12 Aug, 2008 11:10 PM @ version 0

I am horrified at the though of this book....

14 Aug, 2008 04:40 AM @ version 0

I like to think of it as a testament to Jane Austen's selling power. No matter how bastardized the form, her name always-always!-brings home the $$$.

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