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Oct 21 2014

Currently experiencing second-hand embarrassment


And speaking of upcoming movies, Paramount has picked up the rights to first-time author Anna Todd's One Direction fanfic-turned-novel After, which has apparently been a massive success on WattPad. I haven't read this story (because, well, I'm not in the market for One Direction fanfiction), but...

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Dec 10 2013

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells, by Sebastian Faulks


Sebastian Faulks's book Jeeves and the Wedding Bells: An Homage to P.G. Wodehouse was formally approved by Wodehouse's heirs, who apparently hope that Faulks can introduce a new generation of readers to Wodehouse's most famous creations: the “mentally negligible” Englishman Bertie Wooster and his ever-resourceful valet, Jeeves. Frankly, I doubt it. I mean, Jeeves and the Wedding Bells might amuse Wodehouse groupies*, but...

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Oct 16 2013

Pride and Prejudice reworked (some more)


There was some good news on the Jane Austen continuation/retelling front this week: AustenBlog posted a very positive review of Nancy Kelley's His Good Opinion, and I was pleased to see that Lara S. Ormiston's upcoming Pride and Prejudice retelling Unequal Affection has been blessed with lovely cover art...

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May 23 2013

Cash for fanfiction?


HOLY CATS: Amazon is launching a licensing and publishing program for fanfiction! According to Publishers Weekly, Amazon has already set up licensing agreements with various popular properties...

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Dec 28 2009

And the price is so very, very right!

If you're a reader of fanfiction (fan-penned stories set in the worlds of various books/movies/TV shows/etc.), you might want to check out the Yuletide Treasure Fic Exchange, a massive fanfiction ...

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Sep 12 2008

Brave or foolhardy? It's a tough call.

Have any of you read Abigail Reynolds's Pride and Prejudice "variations"? She appears to have written several, each one featuring an alternate ending for the novel. Her previous stories are availa...

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Aug 12 2008

My eyes, they bleed...

Sweet Georgia peaches!Annnnnnd here's the publisher's description:"Mr. Darcy just isn't Flip Allison's style. She prefers novels with hot sex on the bathroom sink to the mannerly, high-tension lon...

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Jun 10 2008

His Cunning or Hers

The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) has a wonderful new section of their website—an area dedicated to works published for their Annual General Meetings (AGM). These pieces are the cr...

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