Odds and ends

Item one: I finally received my copy of Hope Mirrlees's Lud-in-the-Mist (which means I can finish this week's update!) and check out what's written on the back cover: "As sturdy as a painting by Brueghel, as delicate the breath of a hummingbird's wing, Lud-in-the-Mist is a delight, an enchanting discovery for lovers of fantasy".

Um. Okay. I... hope I'll like it? I'm afraid that the whole Brueghel painting/breath of a hummingbird's wing thing isn't giving me a very clear picture of what to expect. (Other than a boatload of pretentiousness.)

Item two: The Sisters Grimm website finally got around to posting their "Grimm Game". You answer a bunch of questions, and the computer writes a fairytale for you based on your answers. Mine featured an evil villain that I unknowingly named after my little brother: Colin, King of the Goobers. (Sorry about that, Colin.) It's a lot of fun, particularly if you were into MadLibs as a child.

Item three: And in other, totally unrelated news, my neighbors' garage band is DRIVING ME SPARE. Learn to SING, people. Or PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENTS. Or, for the love of Pete, just PLAY MORE QUIETLY.

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