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Nov 16 2017

Don't get hit by cars, please.


According to The AV Club, the tech company that created Pokémon Go is partnering with Warner Bros. to create another augmented-reality game, this time based on the world of Harry Potter. The description makes it sound pretty much exactly like...

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Sep 28 2017

I'm more adventurous when things are free.


The Guardian just posted a fairly positive review of Ever, Jane, a Jane-Austen-inspired online role-playing game created by Judy L Tyrer, formerly of Linden Labs (the studio behind the online world Second Life). I'm not a fan of online role-playing, but I might give Ever, Jane a shot...

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Jul 6 2017

Toys, yes; Video games, no


According to THR, Warner Bros. and the Tolkien Estate have "amicably resolved" their five-year-long dispute over the digital exploitation of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. As far as I can tell, this seems to be a fight over merchandising...

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Mar 7 2017

Life in the virtual woods


I... really don't know how I feel about this. A video game based on Henry David Thoreau's Walden? It's not that I'm opposed to a game that aims to "reinforce our connection to the natural world and to challenge our hurried culture" or "achieve work-life balance", but doesn't doing that via a $20 video game...

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Mar 28 2016

Arena, by Holly Jennings


Holly Jennings's novel Arena looks and sounds like a sci-fi novel, but it's really more of a near-future sports story. I'd like to think that the idea of virtual gaming tournaments watched by millions of rabid fans is pure fantasy, but apparently the future is now...

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Mar 28 2016

Weekly Book Giveaway: Arena, by Holly Jennings


This week's Book Giveaway is Arena, by Holly Jennings. I'd like to think that an "exciting coming-age-story [set] against the backdrop of a world where virtual competitive gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment" would qualify as pure science fiction, but I live with people who listen to livestreams of South Korean League of Legends matches. Willingly...

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Nov 6 2013

I should probably contribute to this.


Whoa: the Kickstarter fund for Ever, Jane (a multiplayer role-playing game inspired by Jane Austen's books) is plugging right along, hovering at more than $30,000 of their $100,000 goal, with 25 days yet to go. Interested parties should visit the game's Kickstarter site, which, according to lead designer Judy Tyrer, offers a downloadable prototype...

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Jun 11 2013

Hours and hours to be wasted


Flavorwire recently put together a slideshow of pop-culture-inspired video games you can play online for free, and three of their choices were based on books: a "pretty epic multi-part online Flash game" based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos stories called Arcane, a strategy game called Dune II, and an "interactive fiction" adaptation of...

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Aug 9 2012

The (still) walking dead


According to, Robert Kirkman’s comic-turned-TV-show-turned-video-game The Walking Dead will live on in yet another incarnation: a Facebook social media game...

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Jun 28 2011

High art

I can't believe I'm so stoked about a video game novelization (particularly for a game I've never played), but this one—written by internationally successful author Miyuki Miyabe—just looks so coo...

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Mar 1 2011

Role-playing Jane Austen

According to AustenBlog, the fine people at Reflexive Entertainment have produced a video game inspired by Jane Austen’s novels called Matches & Matrimony. There is a trial download available for ...

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Jul 8 2010

Pride and Prejudice and cell phone apps

AustenBlog has posted a generally-positive guest review by some dude named Douglas R. Burchill of the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies video game for the iPhone. If you're looking for the shor...

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Apr 29 2010

Who knew she was dating Harry Potter?

Speaking of Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet, there's a game! It's an interactive "Hidden Objects" sort of deal, and apparently there will be separate games for each book in the series. Now, I'm not ...

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Aug 15 2008

But in the meanwhile... can at least enjoy the trailer for the video game version of HP6, right?I particularly enjoy that smoke-machine effect behind the opening credits!

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Aug 4 2008

Clueless: the video game

The fine, fine people at Paramount have announced that they're making a video game version of Clueless, the greatest film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma ever made. (Actually, it might be the mo...

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Jan 24 2008

Austen Week, part IV

And if you're really, truly, fantastically geeky, there's always the Pride and Prejudice board game.I kid you not:Tomorrow, we review!

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Jul 16 2006

Bone news

Tons of excellent Bone tidbits coming our way...1. You can play a demo version of the Bone computer game here. Don't the little CGI characters look great?2. Jeff Smith will be available for sig...

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Jun 13 2006

Faerie Wars Chronicles - NEW BOOK!

It looks like we finally have a date for the third book in the Faerie Wars Chronicles. Ruler of the Realm will be released October 3rd! For those of you who can't wait until then, you can tide you...

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Jun 7 2006

Odds and ends

Item one: I finally received my copy of Hope Mirrlees's Lud-in-the-Mist (which means I can finish this week's update!) and check out what's written on the back cover: "As sturdy as a painting by B...

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May 23 2006

Norway loves Wordcandy!

See? They even named a GAME after us:Note: Totally not true.

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May 9 2006

When good manga...

...gets turned into a choose-your-own-romantic-adventure Gameboy Color(TM) game, this is the result:Not that I wouldn't play it. (In a hot minute, people.) Unfortunately, I hear it's a really te...

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