I didn't hear much about DC Comics' CMX manga line while it was up and running, but now that DC has decided to shut it down it's all over the place. The Beat posted a helpful summary of the many, many complaints about DC's behavior, but if you're looking for the Cliffs Notes version, here goes:
A. People are mad because they feel DC failed to promote the line adequately
B. They worry this is (yet another!) sign that major comic imprints don't care about girl readers, and...
C. They're mourning the loss of CMX's many tween-appropriate titles, as this is a market that's really under-served here in the U.S.
The only CMX title I cared about was Venus Capriccio, so I'm not, like, crazily emotionally invested in this debate, but I'm always sorry to see a manga imprint die.
Posted by: Julianka


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