John Christopher

John Christopher (real name: Samuel Youd) is an English science fiction writer. Mr. Christopher has written more than 70 novels under a variety of pen names, but he is best known as the author of the Tripod trilogy and its prequel, When the Tripods Came. This series, set in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by aliens, is intelligent, suspenseful, and fast-paced—and brim-full of the kind of cinema-worthy action sequences that make Hollywood hands sweat. (There has already been a short-lived TV version of Christopher’s trilogy, and there are rumors of an upcoming big-screen version.)

Note: John Christopher has had a lifelong love for Louise May Alcott’s Little Women. Not every science-fiction writer would admit to this—good for you, Mr. Christopher!

Note #2: When writing about Mr. Christopher’s first book, the Times Literary Supplement described it as “not uninteresting” and “by no means insensitive”. Wasn’t that nice of them? I would have told the Times that they weren’t “too pretentious” and “by no means totally full of themselves”.

Not enough girls in these books. See the essay for further complaints in this vein.

For the Tripod trilogy, everywhere. (There was a recent reprint of this series, complete with excellent introductory essays from Mr. Christopher.) You're going to have to hunt for the majority of his other novels.

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