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Sep 9 2014

The Lotus Caves on TV


Apparently, TV producer Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies fame) tried developing a Syfy TV adaptation of our beloved John Christopher's 1969 young adult sci-fi novel The Lotus Caves. Syfy declined to pick up the pilot as a series, but...

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May 14 2013

More John Christopher


According to Publishers Weekly, the late science fiction author John Christopher is having his backlist digitized and several of his older books republished, including his famous Tripods trilogy from the late sixties...

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Oct 14 2009

The Tripods on the big screen?

According to Cinematical, director Alex Proyas's next project might be a three-film adaptation of John Christopher's Tripods series--a trilogy near and dear to our hearts. A screenplay for the fir...

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May 14 2006

John Christopher

John Christopher (real name: Samuel Youd) is an English science fiction writer. Mr. Christopher has written more than 70 novels under a variety of pen names, but he is best known as the author of...

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May 11 2006

The White Mountains, by John Christopher


As post-apocalyptic visions of the future go, the world in John Christopher’s Tripod series isn’t so bad. In some ways, it’s almost idyllic—a world without war or famine, where people are comfortably assured of their own destiny. But there is one major downside: as soon as you turn fourteen, you’re sucked up into the belly of a three-legged, alien-controlled machine called a Tripod, and you’re not returned until a mind-controlling metal cap has been fused onto your skull...

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