Holiday Gift Guide! (And Gift Pick #1)

It's one of my favorite times of the year: vicarious shopping week! Yes, dear readers, it's time for our Annual Holiday Gift Guide, where I feature eight book-related items that I would personally quite like to receive as gifts. This year I've been trying to focus on buying less new, single-use stuff, so everything on this list will be either A) used/vintage, or B) consumable. This makes it a little tricky to make exact suggestions, as many of the items will be one-offs, but hopefully you can find something similar that speaks to your tastes and budget!

Gift Idea #1: Vintage bookends

I recently bought the very cute globe bookends featured at right for $1.99. They're not in absolutely mint condition (there are some light scratches), but did I mention $1.99?!? Check out your local thrift shops, or hunt online. I was surprised to find a ton of adorable options on Poshmark (which I thought just sold clothes): $22 Flowers, $35 Pineapples, and absolutely gorgeous $50 brass gazelles.
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