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Nov 18 2019

Holiday Gift Guide! (And Gift Pick #1)


It's one of my favorite times of the year: vicarious shopping week! Yes, dear readers, it's time for our Annual Holiday Gift Guide, where I feature eight book-related items that I would personally quite like to receive as gifts. This year I've been trying to focus on buying less new, single-use stuff, so everything on this list will be either A) used/vintage, or B) consumable...

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Jan 25 2018



I like these "Hero Bookends" from Uncommon Goods. (There's a "Heroine" one, too, don't worry.) They're cute, eye-catching, and, at $25, they'd make reasonably priced gifts...

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Nov 7 2017

Holiday Gift Pick #4


Gift Pick #4: Stained Wooden Mountain Bookends by Spilled Milk Designs ($24)

Etsy is awash in beautiful, handmade bookends, but we fell in love with the simple elegance of these mountain-shaped options...

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Dec 1 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #3: MOMA bookends


Gift Idea #3: Hiroaki Watanabe's Indice Bookends ($25)...

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Nov 19 2015

Pre-holiday shopping (for me)


I'm thinking of buying myself this adorable unicorn-shaped bookend from CB2 ($24.95), but I feel like I'd have to re-arrange my books so it was just holding back a shelf of fantasy novels, and I might be too lazy for that...

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Jan 27 2015

Cute and plausible


There's a great tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess about how to build your own quotation mark bookends. I cannot with organizing books by color—I don't care if it looks cool, what if different books in a series end up far apart?—but those bookends are awesome...

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Dec 5 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Animal Bookends


Gift Idea #6: Zuny Bookends

Zuny Bookends are cheerful and sturdy (they're made of synthetic leather, so your kid would need to put in some serious effort to chew through one), and come in pretty much whatever animal form you can think of...

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Nov 29 2012

Mostly ridiculous, a little bit sublime


I love these bookends from Anthropologie, but, like so many of things sold at that store, they are ridiculously overpriced. They're priced between $168 and $228, because adding fake snow apparently adds sixty bucks to the already inflated cost. However, I'm pretty sure this is one of the rare craft projects I could actually duplicate...

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Apr 9 2012

Mixed company


If you're in the market for a thematically-appropriate pair of bookends to contain your collection of nonfiction books on the American electoral process (and who isn't?), look no further than these "Left and Right" bookends from CB2. Apart from that $40 price tag, they're pretty cute, huh?

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