Comic news round-up

Publishers Weekly recently published an interview with indie comic god Jeff Smith. Click here to read more about Smith's upcoming title RASL, a quarterly series PW describes as "a blend of science fiction and noir, following an art thief who jumps dimensions to steal famed paintings". has an interview up with Brian K. Vaughn. Click here to read about the movie version of his award-winning comic Y: The Last Man, his feelings about the end of the series, and his work on the TV show Lost.

And speaking of Vaughn, I recently learned that his series Runaways is about to be handed over to writer Terry Moore (creator of Strangers in Paradise, possibly the world's whiniest comic series) and artist Humberto Ramos. Click here to check out Ramos's sketch of the Runaways characters. I, sadly, was forced to give up on Runaways when SPOILER! they killed off Gert, but I am willing to recommit to the series if they resuscitate her (even if it is being written by ol' Who-Doesn't-Love-a-90-Issue-Long-Love-Triangle? Moore).

You hear that, Runaways? Bring back Gert, and all is forgiven!
Posted by: Julianka


07 Feb, 2008 01:39 AM @ version 0

Yes, but killing someone in Marvel-verse means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just ask Uncle Ben.

07 Feb, 2008 05:26 PM @ version 0

Heh, that's true... but they're taking their sweet time about it, damn it.

07 Feb, 2008 08:18 PM @ version 0

They'll probably bring her back just when Chase falls in love with somebody new. This is Marvel, after all, and they're not afraid of the emotional low blow.

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