Spiderwick Chronicles on a budget

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi are awesome, but their Spiderwick Chronicles books are way overpriced. The novels cost a hefty $10.99 apiece--not bad for a conventional hardcover, but these books are under 200 pages and the first one took me slightly less than a half hour to read. Happily, there's currently a more budget-friendly option for book two:
"This month, look for Special Edition Spiderwick Chronicles books inside specially marked boxes of General Mills' cereals, including Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Puffs. Three separate, 62-page Special Edition books make up "The Seeing Stone," Book 2 of the acclaimed Spiderwick Chronicles series. Available only in General Mills cereals, each Special Edition book contains exclusive, never-before released "lost chapters" your kids will want to read!

Look through the "window" in each box to see which of the three Special Edition books is inside, and collect all three to complete the tale of "The Seeing Stone." On the side of each box you’ll also find a collectible cut-out bookmark featuring different characters from the movie." [Source]
My local Target is currently selling three boxes of General Mills cereal for seven bucks, which means that I'll get the book for less money than I'd pay retail, plus three whole boxes of deliciously sugary cereal!
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