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This post was originally going to be a rant about how American book covers are so much less attractive than the covers offered overseas, complete with many telling examples... but, as usual, I got distracted and didn't get beyond pulling the covers for Nora Robert's latest trilogy.

The group of us happened to be on vacation in London this spring when the second book of the "In the Garden" trilogy ("Black Rose") was released. Julia and I were delighted to discover how great the cover looked. (We actually spent quite a bit of time looking at different covers of some of our favorite books. Julia bought many, many Heyer novels.) I am not sure why we get the less appealing covers here in the states but we should definitely take a page (the cover page) from our friends in the UK.

In other news, we have the release dates for Ms. Roberts's 2006 books, which I will put at the end of this post. Looking over the list, I think this has the potential for being an okay year, but I have my doubts. We have a few more "In Death" books and a new trilogy. I am not sure if this is going to be a good or a bad thing, since based on the titles of the books I am thinking they are going to deal with magic. Ms. Roberts and magic can be an iffy combination. But at least they're coming out quickly.

Don't forget to look for the gold "NR" logo on Roberts's books- this indicates that the book is a completely new title, not one of Roberts's fifty million reprints.

THE QUINN BROTHERS (Trade Paper reissue)

ORIGIN IN DEATH (Mass market paperback)
THE QUINN LEGACY (Trade paper reissue)

BUMP IN THE NIGHT anthology featuring “Haunted in Death” novella (Mass market paperback)

BLUE SMOKE (Mass market paperback)

BORN IN DEATH (Hardcover)
MEMORY IN DEATH (Mass market paperback)
MONTANA SKY (Trade paper reissue)

MORRIGAN'S CROSS, Vol. 1 The Circle Trilogy (Mass market paperback)

ANGEL'S FIST (Hardcover)
DANCE OF THE GODS, Vol. 2 The Circle Trilogy (Mass market paperback)

VALLEY OF SILENCE, Vol. 3 The Circle Trilogy (Mass market paperback)
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