Rick Riordan speaks!

Publishers Weekly recently interviewed Rick Riordan about his upcoming book The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid, the first story in a middle-grade fantasy series about two siblings—the descendants of Egyptian magicians—who battle a group of ancient gods suddenly released into the present.

I'm sorry, but this plot description sounds like Riordan simply fused elements of his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series with bits of The 39 Clues (a series that he both outlined and contributed the first book to) and called it a day. Normally, I'd take issue with the idea of a new series that has so many similarities to his previous ones... but I can't help myself: I like both of his earlier storylines so much that I'm looking forward to this book like Christmas morning.

Note: There's a link in the article that confirms Mr. Riordan is planning a sequel to the Percy Jackson books, for those of you who've been fretting over that.
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