Great news for manhwa fans...

We've been complaining for a while about the demise of ICE Kunion, the English-language publisher of several of our favorite manhwa titles. (Hey, the idea that we'd never find out what happened in Angel Diary was very upsetting.) So we were delighted to see that Yen Press, the upcoming manga/manhwa imprint of Hachette Book Group USA, has taken over all of ICE Kunion's titles. Here's a snippet of their press release:

"Yen Press has announced that it will acquire ICE Kunion, a publisher of South Korean graphic novels, or manhwa. Following the acquisition, Yen Press will sell and distribute ICE Kunion’s existing inventory, which will be readily available starting this fall. In addition, Yen Press plans to continue to publish new installments of series that began under ICE Kunion as part of the Yen Press imprint in 2008."

Unfortunately, the "starting this fall" bit is fairly vague. I can't find updated release info on Amazon, because, according to their records, most of these books are already out. (ICE Kunion kept on posting release dates for their series, even after they'd stopped producing anything—volume 2 of Goong allegedly came out, like, a year ago.) Still, this is the first sign of life we've seen for any of these series in ages, so we're really excited: more Goong! More Angel Diary! More Cynical Orange! YAY!
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