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Jan 29 2016

At least it's creative.


And speaking of webtoons, this weekend I started reading Witch Workshop, the latest effort from Goong author So-Hee Park. (English-translated chapters are available here.) So far it's not as instantly charming as Goong, but it's worth reading for the magical curse besetting one of the main characters...

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Jan 21 2016

Cheese in the Trap, by Soonkki


Today we're going to review something a little different: an ongoing Korean webtoon by Soonkki called Cheese in the Trap. Normally I would wait to cover this kind of thing until it was finished and fully translated, but A) I'm not that patient, and B) this story is so interesting, you guys—it's totally worth the inconvenience of reading it online...

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Mar 17 2015

Bride of the Water God on TV?


Manga/manhwa fans take note: according to Dramabeans, Mi-Kyung Yun's popular Korean series Bride of the Water God is going to be adapted into a TV drama. The show is being developed by drama writer Jung Yoon-jung, who...

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May 12 2010

Cirque du Freak: Trials of Death (Yen Press Extravaganza Part VIII), by Darren Shan


Aaaand we're done! (At least for a while.) When a spider-obsessed boy named Darren Shan sneaks out with his best friend Steve to see the infamous Cirque Du Freak, things get even scarier than they'd bargained for. The inhabitants of the freak show aren't just strange, they're downright otherworldly, and...

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May 12 2010

Nightschool: The Weirn Books (Yen Press Extravaganza Part VII), by Svetlana Chmakova


The Nightschool is a magical place that allows vampires, werewolves, and weirns (a special type of witch) to learn everything from scrying...

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May 11 2010

Hero Tales (Yen Press Extravaganza Part VI), by Jin Zhou Huang


Hero Tales is the story of Taitou, a powerful young warrior with a legendary sword and a hot temper. When his sword is stolen and he discovers he is one of the seven heroes prophesied to save the world, Taitou sets out with his little sister Laila and his friend Ryuukou on a quest to hone his powers—with the ultimate goal of defeating the evil general who controls the nation's child emperor...

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May 11 2010

Spice and Wolf (Yen Press Extravaganza Part V), by Isuna Hasekura


Yes, dear readers, it's time for another run-down of Yen Press's recent releases! Spice and Wolf is a manga adaptation of Isuna Hasekura's novel series of the same name. When young merchant Kraft Lawrence finds a naked girl with wolf ears and a tail napping in the back of his cart, he remains calm (more or less)...

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Apr 28 2010

Bad omen?

Hmm. Yen Press has announced that they'll be switching their monthly manga/manhwa anthology Yen Plus from print to a digital format. The last printed issue will come out in July, and there are s...

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Mar 11 2010

Drawing to a close

Two of Yen Press's titles are coming to an end this spring, so those of you who only buy manga once the entire series has been published should add these titles to your to-be-investigated list, sa...

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Mar 1 2010

13th Boy, by SangEun Lee


When it comes to reading girls' manga and manhwa, sometimes it's best to turn off the critical part of our brains. This allows us to enjoy series that might otherwise seem disturbing—stories feat...

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Jun 9 2009

From evil vampire to... less evil vampire!

Twilight fans and manhwa fans take note: The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Cam "Evil James" Gigandet will star opposite Paul Bettany in Priest, an adaptation of the well-known horror/Weste...

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Oct 8 2008

Scanlation updates!

Two updates on our Scanlations page, dear readers: the second part of Absolute Witch Chapter 6, and chapter 26 of Banhonsa.

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Sep 2 2008

Chapter five of Absolute Witch is up...

...and you can pick up from our scanlations page at your convenience!

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May 19 2008

Scanlations for the people

As many of you know, we host scanlated versions of two Korean manhwa series on the main site: Banhonsa: The Spirit Returner and Absolute Witch, both by Kim Tae Yeon and both scanlated by the group...

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Feb 13 2008

I Wish

I can't be even remotely impartial about this series, as the scanlation group I work for has been working on it for years, but I'm so happy to see that TOKYOPOP has released the first volume of Hy...

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Jan 29 2008

It's alive!!!

Well, we're finally seeing signs of life on the Yen Press/ICE Kunion front. Yen Press's webpage is UP, and it's full of Korean-manhwa goodness. Yes, dear readers: new volumes of Goong, Angel Dia...

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Oct 9 2007

Great news for manhwa fans...

We've been complaining for a while about the demise of ICE Kunion, the English-language publisher of several of our favorite manhwa titles. (Hey, the idea that we'd never find out what happened i...

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