Charlotte Hughes

Charlotte Hughes is a bestselling romance novelist who has achieved considerable success with both her independent contemporary romances and her series of collaborations with fellow Wordcandy-approved author Janet Evanovich. Her novel What Looks Like Crazy is one of our Featured Book picks.

Note: Ms. Hughes is yet another author—along with Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie, and Lisa Kleypas—who has opened a book with a personal thank-you to the mysterious Jennifer Enderlin, who appears to have edited about 75% of the bestselling, English-language, female-oriented fiction on God’s green Earth. (Seriously, who is this Enderlin woman, and when does she sleep?)

Well, originally I disliked the What Looks Like Crazy title, finding it awkward and difficult to remember... but then I looked up the titles of some of Ms. Hughes’s other books (including Millionaire Cop & Mom-To-Be and And After That, the Dark) and realized things could always be worse.


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