Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is the author of Twilight, the only vampire novel with the distinction of being set in the town of Forks, Washington. Unfortunately Ms. Meyer just Googled Forks, rather than bothering to fly out and visit, so her fictional vision of the town is a little cartoonish, but whatever: Twilight is still a fun read.

Note: As you might have noticed from our reviews and (numerous) blog posts, our opinion of the Twilight sequels has gone way, way down. We stand by our positive review of the first book... but when it comes to reading teen vampire romances, remember that there's no shame in quitting while you're ahead, okay?

Meyer's religious affiliation is prominently featured on her website. There's no law against that, of course, but I really prefer it when YA authors shroud their personal beliefs in a bit of mystery. If you're writing books for kids, then keep some things to yourselves--namely your religious views, political leanings, and the details of your love lives.


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