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May 23 2011

Get out your magnifying glass and deerstalker

If you're interested in Tighter, the Turn of the Screw modernization by Adele Griffin currently featured on the Wordcandy main site, Ms. Griffin has written an iClue mini-mystery featuring two of ...

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Jan 21 2010

Do they bind them in gold or what?

Ever since finishing Obernewtyn (our current Featured Book), I've been sulking over the discovery that author Isobelle Carmody's US, UK, and Canadian publishers chose to split her final two books ...

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Aug 24 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth book trailer

Okay, as book trailers go, this one isn't too bad, actually:And isn't it a relief to know that eyeliner is still available, even after the zombie apocalypse?

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Mar 5 2009

New Absolute Witch

Huh. How did we miss the second part of Absolute Witch chapter seven? I mean, it's been out since December, and I even helped with the quality check. Seriously, how absent-minded can I be?Anyway, ...

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Nov 14 2008

Blue Bloods: the animated primer

If you're interested in reading our current Featured Book, Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods 3: Revelations, but you're too broke to shell out for the first two installments in the series, she's pu...

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Aug 19 2008

Who comes up with these?

The literary powers-that-be have made one of those bizarre commercials for our current Featured Book, Lisa McMann's highly entertaining YA fantasy Wake. Behold:I don't have a television, so I'm t...

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Jun 16 2008

Updates all over the place

If you're a fan of the two scanlated series we host, we are happy to inform you that we just posted new chapters of both Banhonsa and Absolute Witch on our Scanlations page. And if you're not fol...

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Feb 21 2008

New and improved

We've been talking recently about coming up with an updated version of our Wordcandy Guide to the Best Shojo Manga. We think our original list is still pretty solid (although Pheromomania Syndrom...

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