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Sep 21 2023



I feel like the blog has been heavy on the melodrama this week, but here's one more: if you're a fan of webtoons, the popular series Marry My Husband just posted its series finale. It is super soapy, with a magical second chance-at-life premise...

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Sep 5 2019

Webtoons: Super Secret


Our last Webtoons recommendation is eon's Super Secret. This series has three major things going for it: A) it's already completed (and the ending is great), B) it centers around a bunch of non-spooky monsters...

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Sep 5 2019

Webtoons: Age Matters


Our fourth featured title from Webtoons is Enjelicious's Age Matters. This series features a fairly conventional romantic set-up: there's a super rich, handsome guy (cranky yet secretly caring!), and a poor-yet-spunky heroine...

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Sep 4 2019

Webtoons: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend


Next up in our week of Webtoons mini-reviews is My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, a comedy/romance/slice of life story written by someone who calls herself fishball. This series, which is updated three times a week, consists of a bunch of A+++ standalone jokes about the writer and her much-taller boyfriend, both...

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Sep 3 2019

Webtoons: Lore Olympus


The second Webtoons title we're featuring is Rachel Smythe's Lore Olympus, an ongoing series updated on Sundays. It's a modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth that features a deliciously soapy take on the Greek Gods. The series is...

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Sep 3 2019



It's a short week, so we're not doing our usual Book Giveaway. Instead, we thought we would celebrate some stories freely available to anyone with an internet connection: the comics on Webtoons, a site full of free, legal, creator-owned comics. It's like a giveaway that everyone wins...

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Oct 26 2017



Man, every time I read about a cute-sounding Korean webtoon, a fresh wave of resentment rolls over me. I hate missing out on fun stuff, and I have a strong suspicion that my inability to read Korean is holding me back from a lot of Wordcandy-friendly stories...

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Feb 25 2016

Crossing my fingers


There's a promising article on Dramabeans about an upcoming drama adaptation of a webtoon called Lucky Romance, which I'm eagerly looking forward to checking out when it comes out in May. The webtoon's artwork...

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Jan 29 2016

At least it's creative.


And speaking of webtoons, this weekend I started reading Witch Workshop, the latest effort from Goong author So-Hee Park. (English-translated chapters are available here.) So far it's not as instantly charming as Goong, but it's worth reading for the magical curse besetting one of the main characters...

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