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Mar 13 2017

Weekly Book Giveaway: Heart of the Storm, by Michael Buckley


This week's Book Giveaway is Michael Buckley's Heart of the Storm, the final book in his Undertow trilogy. I've never fallen as deeply in love with this series as I did with Buckley's Sisters Grimm stories, but these books are plenty fun in their own right. A full review will follow shortly...

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Feb 22 2016

Raging Sea, by Michael Buckley


The horror in Michael Buckley's Undertow trilogy is largely evoked via ghastly migrant camps, bigoted politicians, and intense racism. These books should have been deliciously pulpy YA sci-fi/fantasy, but considering the current political climate, large portions of them feel uncomfortably realistic...

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Feb 22 2016

Weekly Book Giveaway: Raging Sea, by Michael Buckley


This week's Book Giveaway is Michael Buckley's Raging Sea, the second book in his Undertow trilogy. I gave the first book in the series a very positive review last year (good sign), but I find that I don't actually remember much of it (bad sign). I'm clearly going to need to refresh my memory, but my hopes for this middle installment are high...

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May 1 2015

Undertow, by Michael Buckley


Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm is one of my all-time favorite kids' series. The books have their problems—actually, some really big problems—but they are so funny, romantic, and action-packed that it's easy to overlook their flaws. Buckley's new YA novel Undertow is much darker than his previous books, but...

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