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Jul 24 2006


I WANT one. And you know what the best thing is about this awesome bag? It was made out of a copy of Sense and Sensibility, my least favorite Austen novel, so I don't even need to feel guilty ab...

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Jul 11 2006


And speaking of Harry Potter, has anybody seen these dolls? (More importantly, has anybody been murdered by one of these dolls?) Because, seriously, they scare the crap out of me:Hey, you may mo...

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Jul 8 2006

'Alice in Wonderland' Couture

I never realized how many of the, er, lesser filaments of the couture world had been inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Check out these little treasures from the Disney Couture (no, I'm not joking--...

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Jun 15 2006

(Real) Father's Day gifts for men who like books!

For the dad who likes building stuff:For the dad who likes sci-fi:For the dad who likes non-fiction:For the dad who's looking to preserve his boyish figure:For the dad who's really pretty awesome,...

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Jun 15 2006

Father's Day gifts for men who like books!

We kid, we kid... please, don't actually give this monstrosity to anybody. It's cheap (and looks it), it's 100% polyester, and it's 1000% fugly.[Source]

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Jun 2 2006

Last-minute graduation gifts

Graduation season is here, and it's time to be shopping for presents. (Past time, really.) Ease your graduating friends and family into the Real World with these awesome, Wordcandy-approved gift i...

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May 30 2006

Books in Miniature

You know what your dollhouse is missing? That's right: a teeny-tiny Book of Shadows! Learn how to make your dolls a thimble-sized spellbook of their very own, complete with "real Wiccan spells" an...

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May 25 2006

Traveling this summer?

I received this book a few years ago from Julia, right before I headed off to Italy for a few weeks. Italy is the kind of place where you can usually get by without knowing much of the language, b...

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May 14 2006

Inspirational Reading

Okay. We're really not Chicken Soup for the Soul people, but we understand that Mother's Day is the kind of day that frequently involves inspirational reading. So if you're in the market for some ...

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May 8 2006

God loves me.

Aaaaaaand here's proof:This and lots of other fine Austen gear is available here.

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May 3 2006

Shopping, Part II

For our second reading-related shopping post, we thought we'd focus on that most decadent of all seating options, the chaise lounge. Picture yourself stretched out on any of these lovely pieces of...

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Apr 12 2006

They're always telling us to buy classic pieces, right?

Behold, the Babysitters' Club punk rock tee!Here it is in action:Aaaaand here's a close-up:This t-shirtly gem (obviously an important addition to any girl's wardrobe) is the product of the Cat and...

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Apr 4 2006

Wordcandy Loves DIY Projects!

We here are Wordcandy are huge proponents of the Do It Yourshelf (DIY) movement. It might have something to do with our love of design, or the fact we think good design should be available to ever...

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Mar 26 2006

Even more Libraries for the Soulless!

The Seattle Times reports that more and more people are using books solely for decorative purposes.From the Pottery Barn catalogue:Well. I am shocked. I mean, with a functional, reader-friendly, p...

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Mar 25 2006

Libraries for the Soulless

If you're in the market for a library, but you just don't have any "suitable" books*, then have we ever found the ideal service for you! Behold: Books by the Foot!Offered by the venerable Strand ...

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Mar 24 2006


While there are many people out there who collect alphabet books I am not really one of them... but I do collect books with great typography. I stumbled upon Bembo's Zoo while once again working ...

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Mar 17 2006

Really, what household is complete...

...without a Jane Austen action figure to call their own?(Available at

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Mar 6 2006

The great bookshelf quest!

I always seem to be on the lookout for a bookshelf. I spend months looking for the ideal balance of function and design. When I finally find one that works, I bring it home, it's instantly filled...

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Jan 29 2006

Sadly, now my birthday is over...

...but on the up side, I made out like the proverbial bandit! Thanks, everybody!Julia's Birthday Reading List: The Sisters Grimm series, by Michael Buckley. I was a little taken aback to find...

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Dec 11 2005

Wordcandy-friendly Gift Shopping Advice for the Organizationally Impaired!

Still not finished with your holiday shopping? Running low on time and inspiration? We here at Wordcandy have assembled a list of ten book-related gift options, any one of which any book lover w...

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