Shopping, Part II

For our second reading-related shopping post, we thought we'd focus on that most decadent of all seating options, the chaise lounge. Picture yourself stretched out on any of these lovely pieces of furniture, drinking some kind of girly drink, reading some Wordcandy-worthy book, ignoring the sounds of your boyfriend/husband/whoever doing the dishes....

Low-end chaise lounges we liked:

Well, there's this one. It's our cheapest option, not to mention super cute, and would be a great addition to a living room or library:

This one from West Elm is heading towards the mid-priced range, but unless you are looking for wicker (and we're not), then your lower end pickings are slim. Still, this is a sleek, versatile chaise that can be turned into a couch by adding other sections:

Mid-price chaise lounges we liked:
The website has a bunch of really great, classic options that have the kind of clean look that would fit into a wide variety of homes. While the rose shades featured below wouldn't be my choice, these two chaises come in a bunch of different color options--one of 'em's bound to fit your color scheme.

Z Gallery has a good selection to pick from... these two in particular caught our eye. The light blue one is definitely the more modern of the two, but it looks like it would be very comfortable for a long read. And please note that the picture of the red chaise does not do it justice at all... I saw this one at the store, fell in love with it, and have decided my next apartment will have one.

High-end chaise lounges we'd one day like to own:
So these two are definitely on the "someday way in the future" list (along with that cabin on the Oregon coast), but if you're already at that point then we check them out. The purple one has a great Dr. Seuss feel to it that would look amazing in any modern library, and the funky green one looks like one of the most comfortable options we've recommended.

Great outdoor options:
We really like this this one, although it's pretty high-end for outdoor furniture and we are not sure how a metal chair would work on a hot day (could get ugly... but until that point it would look great!):

And both of these pieces are from Target, although they are available online only. The blue one is great because of the versatility of the piece. It looks perfect for people who love to entertain, too. The red pair is classic and very low-priced. Imagine how nice they would look on an Indian-inspired patio. (Who knew Target had such awesome furniture?)

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