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Jan 11 2023

Financial hijinks


There's a juicy article in The New Yorker about the recent sale (or... attempted sale?) of an English country house that once belonged to Evelyn Waugh. Waugh was not apparently a fan of the house himself (it was a gift from his in-laws), but...

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Jun 12 2019

Unexpected opposition


Huh: according to Curbed, the Strand Bookstore in New York has been designated as a New York City landmark. This sounded like a good thing to me (bear in mind, I know nothing about New York real estate laws), but apparently the 92-year-old bookstore's owner feels very strongly...

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Aug 2 2017

All spiders would need to be carefully transferred outside


If you have $3.7 million stuffed under your mattress and you're a big fan of famous children's tearjerkers, today's your lucky day: the house that inspired E.B. White's Charlotte's Web is currently up for sale. In addition to (presumably) boasting an infestation of spiders, the property...

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Oct 6 2016

Phonies abound


According to Veranda magazine, the Cornish Center for Cartoon Studies is "giving admirers of J.D. Salinger the chance to live and work in the author's former home in rural New Hampshire." The winner of the Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship will be given...

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May 26 2016

I want it.


WOW: according to the New York Post, the house that reportedly inspired the heroine's home in Harriet the Spy is up for sale, and it could be yours for a mere $4.95 million! The house is gorgeous, and in a perfect world some enterprising hotelier will turn it into a boutique hotel that serves nothing but cake and tomato sandwiches...

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May 21 2015

Gilded mansion (or close enough)


According to, the 7-bed, 7-bath New York home that once housed F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald is up for sale for a mere $3,888,888. Zelda apparently described it as her "nifty little Babbitt house"...

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Nov 18 2014



I rolled my eyes over this headline (describing an estate as "Mr. Darcy's IRL House" is both weird—seeing as he's not, y'know, a real person, and therefore does not actually own anything—and irritatingly cutesy), but if you've got a spare £7 million lying around, you can apparently use it to buy Wentworth Woodhouse...

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Aug 7 2014

Imagine the prices (and contents) of their mini-bars.


It seems there have been complications with some anonymous businessman's plan to open a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired "erotic hotel" in Vilafranca, Spain, according to THR. The local town council apparently feels the hotel is too close to a famous chapel. A (presumably G-rated) bar and restaurant have been open...

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May 21 2014

It doesn't look creepy, but...


If you're a classic sci-fi fan with $1,495,000 lying around, Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury's house in the Cheviot Hill neighborhood in Los Angeles is for sale...

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Sep 10 2013

Imaginary home values


The fine people at the Movoto real estate blog have once again been speculating about home prices in the Harry Potter 'verse. According to their calculations, it would be possible to purchase the Burrow—home to the Weasleys—for a mere $660,150...

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Apr 4 2013

Just in case you were wondering


Speaking of random-but-impressively-thorough online efforts, someone at the real estate website Movoto came up with a detailed analysis of the resale value of Hogwarts, based on its presumed location, comparable (if non-magical) properties, and square footage...

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