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Feb 6 2019

So many questions


Man, this new Nancy Drew movie is really leaning in on the "Nancy Drew = Sammy Keyes" vibe, isn't it? I don't object, exactly, but...

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Oct 18 2017

Reworked, again


According to Deadline, the Nancy Drew TV series that failed to find a home last season has been put into development this year for NBC, albeit with a slightly altered premise. This version will apparently be a lot different from the books...

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May 17 2016



So, that Nancy Drew-inspired TV series we wrote about back in January? The one featuring a 30-something Nancy with a job as a detective for the NYPD, where she "investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills"? I was kind of excited about that, but...

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Jan 20 2016



Variety informs me that CBS has ordered a drama pilot featuring a contemporary take on the Nancy Drew series. According to the article...

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Oct 23 2008

Cook like a spy

Or, at least, cook like a titan-haired teen sleuth:I wonder if this is actually a shiny new reprint of this?

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