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Dec 13 2022

Holiday Gift Idea 6: National Park Monsters Puzzle


I love pretty much everything from this etsy shop, but this particular 1000-piece puzzle seems like the ideal gift for any outdoors-y sci-fi nerds in your life...

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Jun 27 2016

Stiletto, by Daniel O'Malley


As I mentioned in my review of The Rook, the first installment in Daniel O'Malley's Rook Files, these books have been optioned for TV by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Now that I've read the second book in the series, Stiletto, I am even more impressed by Ms. Meyer's foresight, because if they get this series even halfway right she is about to make piles of money...

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Mar 10 2015



Okay, I'm in love: I like all the alphabet posters created by FiftyFiveHi's (particularly the ones inspired by the collection at the American Museum of Natural History), but I absolutely need to own this Mythical Creatures Alphabet Poster...

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Oct 29 2014

The Turning: What Curiosity Kills, by Helen Ellis


This might be a stretch, but I'm including a novel about shape-shifting cats in my Halloween read-a-thon. I realize were-kittens aren't quite as threatening as zombies or whatever, but they fall somewhere along the monster spectrum, right? (On, like, the cuter end...

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Oct 28 2014

Scary Go Round, by John Allison


If you're looking for a Halloween read this week and you haven't got any money (or a library card, or friends who own books), you're in luck: John Allison's pre-Bad Machinery comic Scary Go Round is available for free online...

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Apr 23 2014
Jun 4 2013

School Spirits, by Rachel Hawkins


Slightly more than a year after releasing Spell Bound, the (totally disappointing, it must be said) conclusion to her Hex Hall series, Rachel Hawkins has returned to familiar territory in School Spirits, the first book in a Hex Hall spin-off series devoted to a different branch of the monster-hunting Brannick family...

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