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Sep 30 2015



Wired recently posted an article about Harry Potter fans "donating" their (dirty!) socks to the Dobby figurine featured at the Warner Brothers Studios in London. This gesture is clearly meant to be heartwarming, but I'm not sure I understand it...

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Sep 22 2015

Not exactly burning questions


According to THR, J.K. Rowling has released yet another Harry Potter short story on This installment promises to explain more about "the history of the Potter family, including its origins in the 12th century" and...

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Sep 17 2015



There's a site up for Scholastic's upcoming illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, featuring over 100 illustrations by Jim Kay. If the nine "Special Preview" images featured on the site are a good representative sample, this book might actually be worth the jaw-dropping $39.99 cover price...

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Sep 10 2015

Geek joy on tap


I need to go to this new Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto, like, immediately. Sure, I don't drink alcohol, but I don't care. I will order whatever their themed version of a Designated Driver special is (and they better have one, damn it), and admire the decor...

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Sep 1 2015



According to THR, today is the first day at Hogwarts for Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley's oldest son, James Sirius. J.K. Rowling announced via Twitter that he was sorted in Gryffindor...

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Jan 15 2015

About time.


According to People, the Harry Potter Alliance (a HP fan organization dedicated to social justice issues) has successfully pressured Warner Bros. into guaranteeing that by the end of 2015, all chocolate sold at their "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" theme park will be certified 100% Fair Trade...

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Aug 13 2014

Not feeling it.


Okay, I've been super busy this summer, but how did I miss this, and—bigger question—why is it happening? Bookriot informs me that Bloomsbury is releasing another new set of Harry Potter covers, this time featuring the artwork of Jonny Duddle...

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Dec 4 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter necklace


Gift Idea #3 Harry Potter necklace

Etsy is overflowing with Harry Potter-themed jewelry and clothing, but I fell in love with this delicate sterling silver "Glasses" necklace ($34). It manages to be both pretty...

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Sep 10 2013

Imaginary home values


The fine people at the Movoto real estate blog have once again been speculating about home prices in the Harry Potter 'verse. According to their calculations, it would be possible to purchase the Burrow—home to the Weasleys—for a mere $660,150...

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Jul 11 2013

A trip down Diagon Alley


Google Maps now allows people to explore the set of Diagon Alley at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. It's well worth a look—according to, Warner Bros. says the Diagon set took more than three months to build, and six months to create over 20,000 products featured on the shops' shelves. The street view allows you to get up close and personal...

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Jun 13 2013

Scholastic seeks party-planners


According to Publishers Weekly, Scholastic is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter book with a contest. To enter, public librarians have been asked to plan an event to be held at their libraries in celebration of the anniversary...

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Apr 4 2013

Just in case you were wondering


Speaking of random-but-impressively-thorough online efforts, someone at the real estate website Movoto came up with a detailed analysis of the resale value of Hogwarts, based on its presumed location, comparable (if non-magical) properties, and square footage...

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Mar 5 2012

Dolores Umbridge would not approve


And speaking of propaganda posters, I want one of these Harry Potter-inspired prints from Blimp Cat Studio. I'm torn, though: should I go for creepy, or so-cheerful-it-goes-back-to-creepy? Or both?

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Aug 16 2011

Maybe if you think of it as an investment?

If you're really, really wealthy and/or a really, really big Harry Potter fan, check out this 16-disc, 199-euro complete Harry Potter DVD set, available in November via the French Amazon site:


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Jul 18 2011

We will all be happier if this is an image-free post.

These Reborn Harry Potter Babies are the most horrifying things I have ever seen. I'd like to think the dolls are some kind of belated April Fool's Day joke... but whenever I click the link to re...

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Jan 11 2011

Price-gouging at Hogwarts

The NY Times recently posted an article about what they describe as the "unexpected, turbocharged success of the $265 million Potter playland" (i.e., Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter th...

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Nov 9 2010

It's still not April 1st, right?

Huh. NPR informs me that the 4th Annual Quidditch World Cup is taking place at De Witt Clinton Park in New York City this very weekend, and will feature more than 60 different teams from high sch...

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Oct 1 2010

I'm pretty sure this is contradicted by Hogwarts: A History, but...

The students of Hogwarts are embracing modern technology.

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Sep 23 2010

Why does Voldemort's hissing always, always make me laugh?

Speak of the new Harry Potter movie and a new trailer appears:

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Aug 17 2010

The end of the beginning of the final Harry Potter movie

MTV's Movies Blog is reporting that the first half of the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will end at roughly Chapter 24, for those of you who've been wondering. (Here's h...

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Jun 30 2010


Well, I suppose the full-length trailer for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows adaptation looks nice enough. But I'm still SUPER IRRITATED by Warner Bros.' decision to split the story into ...

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Apr 20 2010

Once more (with pants)

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is continuing his march towards Broadway fame. Unlike his role in Equus, we're assuming playing J. Pierrepont Finch in the 2011 production of How to Succeed in...

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Feb 23 2010

Harry Potter World

Some dude called Brian Orndorf was kind enough to post some photographs of the construction happening at the Harry Potter theme park, and I have to say: it does look kind of awesome. I'm not sure ...

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Dec 7 2009

Bigger and better things?

Ooooooh... the teaser trailer for the seventh Harry Potter movie is out! I can't find a decent video to embed, but you can watch it here.I just realized, though: if they're going to call this suc...

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Jul 15 2009

For your viewing pleasure

After a seven-month delay, the release date has finally hit for the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and people seem to really, really, really* like it.*Although the Roll...

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Jul 6 2009

The world run amok

So, it's been several days of crazy news, right? Palin resigned! The Californian economy went belly-up! Michael Jackson died! And then, in a little bit of weirdness that sat atop the great big pil...

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Jun 19 2009

Tone it down, son.

They've released a whole bunch of Harry Potter images on the British Warner Bros. site, and I am once again taken aback by young Daniel Radcliffe's ability to over-emote:See what I mean? His over...

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May 28 2009

Emma Watson wears muppet skin

...or maybe poodle skin. It's a little hard to tell. Emma "Hermione" Watson has appeared in another bizarre photoshoot, this one for the French fashion magazine Crash. The photographs were taken ...

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Apr 21 2009

HP trailer news (Part II)

I finally found a copy of the new HP trailer that I was able to embed:Seriously, guys, this movie looks so exciting. I'm still having trouble picturing how the last book will work on film (I mean,...

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Apr 17 2009

New Harry Potter trailer is up... here if you haven't seen it yet. These movies have been uneven in quality, but I have high hopes for this one.

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