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Sep 20 2018

Hard pass


According to Bustle, someone decided to make a sexy The Handmaid's Tale Halloween costume. This does not seem like a good idea. Go ahead: dress up as a sexy unicorn or clown or bunch of grapes or whatever, but...

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Oct 30 2012

Last-minute Halloween costumes for the cheap and lazy


As longtime readers of the site know, when I am torn between my love of celebrating Halloween and my innate cheapness, usually cheapness (not to mention laziness and disorganization) wins. But that just makes me all the more appreciative of inexpensive costume ideas like the options featured below...

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Oct 29 2009

Better than a naughty nurse, right?

Last year we made a list of last-minute, book-inspired Halloween costumes. Those are definitely still good options, but I ran across an even easier costume this year: dressing up as Sookie Stackho...

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Oct 31 2008

Last-minute book-inspired costume ideas for the truly lazy (Part II)

And for lazy adults...Guys:Dig out your suit, make some paper chains out of gray paper, and go as Jacob Marley.Ladies:Our Nancy Drew costume idea works for you, too--but the vintage dress (or at l...

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Oct 30 2008

Last-minute book-inspired costume ideas for the truly lazy (Part I)

Let's start with the kids, shall we?Pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter:This one couldn't be easier, less expensive, or more cold-weather-friendly. Dress your kid in oversized, shabby clothes, slap some tap...

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