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Apr 18 2019

There's a hair/heir pun here somewhere...


Man, I gotta start watching Antiques Roadshow. It sounds exciting: according to Jezebel, a recent episode featured a woman who found a ring in her recently-deceased father-in-law’s attic, locked inside a "mysterious-looking" box. The ring was inscribed with Charlotte Bronte's name...

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Mar 29 2016

Geek tourism alert


The BBC informs me that Norton Conyers, a medieval manor house in North Yorkshire thought to have been the inspiration for Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, is set to reopen to the public after 10 years of restoration...

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May 19 2015



Writer and director Sally Wainwright (Last Tango in Halifax and Happy Valley) is working on a two-hour-long drama for BBC1 about the "difficult" home life of the Brontë sisters and their alcoholic brother Branwell. According to the Guardian, the movie will be titled To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters, and...

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Aug 19 2014

Ghoulish tourism!


According to The Independent, the Yorkshire house that inspired Jane Eyre's Thornfield Hall is now open to the public. Charlotte Bronte visited the stately home of Norton Conyers in 1839, and heard the legend of "Mad Mary"...

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Dec 5 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Literary posters


Gift Idea #5: Jane Austen posters by PemberleyPond

I have some quibbles: These ladies got Sir William Lucas's name wrong on their Pride and Prejudice poster...

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Jun 11 2013

Unnecessary drama (of course)


According to the Guardian, the Brontë Society has shelled out £50,000(!!!) to acquire an unpublished homework essay by Charlotte Brontë. The essay was written for Constantin Heger (Charlotte's French teacher and the object of her apparently one-sided affections), and deals with l'amour filial. It argues—with typical Brontë restraint—that...

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Jul 16 2012

Texting Jane


Following up their Texts from Scarlett O'Hara and Texts from Sweet Valley High posts, The Hairpin has produced a series called Texts from Jane Eyre. They're very Hark! A Vagrant in style...

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Jan 26 2012

Hipster Hamlet

If you told me this entire line of books (from Penguin's Puffin Books imprint) was a tie-in for a new series of classic literature adaptations airing on ABC Family, I would totally believe you:(It...

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Dec 22 2010

Jane Eyre on the big screen. Again.

Why, look at this, another Jane Eyre adaptation! That would be... what, the fourth version made for television or film in the past 15 years? Most of me thinks we should let poor Jane get some re...

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Oct 22 2009

Jane Eyre: the movie

According to, Cary Fukunaga is in "advanced negotiations" to direct a film adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. The film, which features a script by Moira Buffini, will "pla...

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May 12 2008

Hollywood matchmaking

There's been action on the Bronte movie adaptation front: according to Variety, Natalie Portman will NOT be playing the heroine in the upcoming Wuthering Heights movie, and according to BuzzSugar...

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Jan 15 2007

Must-see PBS TV.

PBS's upcoming TV adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre is scheduled to air on January 21st and 28th. I have yet to enjoy a televised version of a Bronte novel, but this one looks pretty impr...

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Aug 11 2004

Charlotte Bronte

Although Jane Eyre is commonly described as a Gothic love story, only about half of the book is devoted to Jane's romance with Mr. Rochester. The first quarter of the novel focuses on Jane's mise...

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