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Jun 3 2013

Weekly Book Giveaway: How To Lead a Life of Crime, by Kirsten Miller


Our current Weekly Book Giveaway pick is Kirsten Miller's How To Lead a Life of Crime, which we will review later on this afternoon. Like Catherine Jinks's Evil Genius, Miller's book is a story about a school for would-be evildoers. I like the concept, but I'm hoping it turns out to be less legitimately creepy than Evil Genius, the memory of which still disturbs me...

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Apr 4 2011

Truth in advertising

I don't know who Houghton Mifflin Harcourt thinks they're fooling: you can dress up a Catherine Jinks novel with all the scowling hot guys you want, but nobody who's read five pages of her writing...

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Apr 27 2010

Living Hell, by Catherine Jinks


Great horror novels usually feature two things: a terrifying antagonist and a plot capable of lending weight to what would otherwise just be a lot of running and screaming. Catherine Jinks' novel...

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Oct 27 2009

Appropriately sad-sack

So I was poking around on the British Amazon site to see if they had a concrete release date for Catherine Jinks's Genius Wars (they do: October 2010), and I happened upon the English cover for Ji...

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Jul 9 2009

Catherine Jinks for grown-ups

We recently noticed that Evil Genius author Catherine Jinks has been posting a free e-book on her site for adults. The story is called The Deck, and the site describes it as "[The] comic tribulati...

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Dec 30 2008

Catherine Jinks changes it up a little.

Catherine Jinks (Evil Genius, Genius Squad) is offering readers a fresh take on teen vampire literature, and I for one am super excited about it. The Reformed Vampire Support Group is due out in ...

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Jun 18 2008

Genius Squad: the non-movie

Check this out--it's a video trailer for our current featured book, Catherine Jinks's Genius Squad:No Australian accents, and some seriously implausible hair, but--all things considered--this trai...

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Jun 12 2008

Genius Squad, by Catherine Jinks


I really enjoyed Catherine Jinks’s novel Evil Genius, but its little-kid-friendly cover art and gimmicky opening failed to prepare me for the story that followed—it was tough to recover from the shock of finding such hardcore creepiness in a book with a cover that looked like a Saturday morning cartoon..

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Nov 12 2007

YA fantasy fans rejoice!

The publishing industry's spring catalogs are beginning to trickle in, and there is some seriously good stuff coming down the pike, dear readers.Just out:Perennial Wordcandy favorite Michael Buckl...

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May 1 2007

Evil Genius, by Catherine Jinks


Catherine Jinks’s novel Evil Genius opens with a list of the classes offered at the Axis Institute. Students can sign up for “Applied Physics”, “Cultural Appreciation”, or “Pragmatic Philosophy”. There’s even a wholesome-sounding offering entitled “Coping Skills”. It looks a lot like any other class list... or it would, if someone hadn’t crossed out the official class names and written in more accurate descriptions...

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Apr 30 2007

Catherine Jinks

Catherine Jinks is a Very Big Deal in Australia, and Harcourt is clearly hoping that her book Evil Genius (the focus of one of our Bok of the Week reviews) will be equally successful here in the S...

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