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Jun 12 2019

Unexpected opposition


Huh: according to Curbed, the Strand Bookstore in New York has been designated as a New York City landmark. This sounded like a good thing to me (bear in mind, I know nothing about New York real estate laws), but apparently the 92-year-old bookstore's owner feels very strongly...

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Oct 11 2018

Planning ahead


Electric Lit just posted an interesting article called "Why Buying Books Will Not Save Our Beloved Bookstores". This particular essay felt rather large-city-specific, but some of the issues it discusses (local businesses versus chains, low profit margins, inequitable taxation, etc.) are...

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Jul 3 2018

Sorry, comic book stores.


Huh. I thought these already existed, but maybe I'm confusing them with those freestanding kiosks: according to Publishers Weekly, Barnes & Noble recently announced plans to create dedicated sections for middle grade graphic novels in all of its stores...

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Nov 15 2016



A few months ago, Wired compiled a list of 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries on Earth. Beauty is subjective, and I suspect people who prefer their libraries to resemble, say, Hogwarts aren't going to find much to admire in this list. But...

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Nov 23 2015

I should Photoshop a Santa hat onto this guy.


The Guardian posted an article about British booksellers' attempt to create yet another shopping holiday: "Civilized Saturday", a day designed as the “perfect antidote” to the crazed bargain-hunting of Black Friday...

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Nov 4 2015

No cafe, though.


According to the Seattle Times, the very first brick-and-mortar Amazon store opened this week in Seattle's swanky University Place mall...

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Jul 1 2015

Health and wealth


According to Publishers Weekly, Barnes and Noble is once again a profitable business, thanks largely to a more stable market for printed books. The article covers a bunch of other B&N-related news items (Nook sales, the recent website redesign, the up-and-coming "Barnes and Noble Education" division, etc.), but...

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Oct 14 2014

Amazon via bricks and mortar


According to GeekWire, Amazon is planning to open two pop-up kiosks in San Francisco and Sacramento for the holidays. Doors will open as early as next week, with no word as to when they'll close...

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Nov 27 2012

Signs of life


NPR has a surprisingly encouraging article up about the current state of independent bookstores. Despite the popularity of e-books, the holiday season apparently guarantees the sale of a lot of expensive coffee-table-style hardcovers, which is great news for indie bookshops. Cookbooks are doing exceptionally well this season, too—including $60 tomes...

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Mar 29 2010

Sorry, Canada!

I ran across an interesting article about the difference between American and Canadian book prices. Canadians pay approximately 30% more per book, despite the fact that the Canadian and American ...

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Aug 4 2009

Reason number #327 I want to go to Beijing...

...would be this bookstore.Sadly, I suspect I'm a mite too tall to fit in. Also, I don't speak Chinese. Oh, and I'm 30 years old. But I'd still go.

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May 15 2009


I'm no fan of book desecration, but this is amazing:It seems to be part of a series of promotional images for a bookstore in the Czech Republic. I'm not sure how it's made, or even if it's a real ...

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Dec 1 2008

Borders keeps on trucking

In business news, Borders Books appears to be holding in there, despite some ugly returns in the third quarter and, of course, the across-the-board grim economic outlook. The company has cut expen...

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Nov 13 2007

Why, Borders? Why?

According to this article (from the business section of The New York Times), the Borders Group is planning to install two flat-screen TVs per bookstore, allowing them to broadcast "original progra...

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