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Sep 8 2016



Next week will feature the release of Berkeley Breathed's The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic (a picture book), and September 27th will see the release of Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope (the first collection of the strips Breathed has been releasing on his Facebook page since 2015). As lifelong Bloom County fan, I...

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Dec 1 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #2: "2 Spaces 4 America" Hoodie


Gift Idea #2: Any of the new Bloom County products, really, but particularly the "2 Spaces for America" hoodie ($49)...

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Oct 15 2015



This week's Fresh Air featured a lengthy interview with Bloom County author Berkeley Breathed, who recently revived the comic after a twenty-five-year-long hiatus...

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Aug 27 2015



I was rolling with the assumption that Berkeley Breathed's new Bloom County strips weren't appearing in major newspapers because they were being produced on an intermittent schedule, but now I'm thinking...

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Jul 13 2015

Tales Too Ticklish To Tell, by Berkeley Breathed


When it comes to 1980s comics, Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County was the odd one out. Doonesbury was political, The Far Side surreal, and Calvin and Hobbes genuinely moving—Bloom County veered wildly between all three, and the end result was 70% amazing, 25% mediocre, and (it must be said) 5% terrible...

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Jul 13 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: Tales Too Ticklish to Tell, by Berke Breathed


In honor of the unexpected but super exciting rebirth of Berkeley "Berke" Breathed's Bloom County, this week's Book Giveaway is my copy of Breathed's 1988 collection Tales Too Ticklish To Tell, the only one of my Bloom County collections that still has enough glue left in its spine to hold together...

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Mar 14 2011

So very unnecessary

Remember how creeped out everyone was by that sorta-realistic-looking animation technique they used to film the The Polar Express? Well, they've made an equally disturbing adaptation of Berkeley ...

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Aug 11 2009

Poverty, here I come.

Speaking of things that make my world a better place, I have long been excited about the upcoming complete collection of Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County strips. Behold:But what's with this "Volum...

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Jun 10 2009

Summer reading picks straight from the source! has asked a variety of authors, including Wordcandy-approved authors like Neil Gaiman, Berkeley Breathed, and Diana Gabaldon, for their summer reading picks, some of which are actually p...

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Apr 16 2009

Berkeley Breathed goes to the movies

I was reading Go Fug Yourself yesterday afternoon, and I was so sorry to see that the adorably diminutive Seth Green has done something horrifying to his hair. (I'm sorry, Mr. Green, but no one is...

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Feb 9 2009

'Bloom County' fans rejoice

Thanks to the fine people at IDW Publishing, fans of the classic comic strip Bloom County are about to have a dream realized: a high-quality, five-volume-long collection of nearly two years' worth...

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Nov 14 2004

Berkeley Breathed

With cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, all roads seem to lead back to Bloom County. As the writer and illustrator of Bloom County, Outland, and now Opus, as well as a handful of children's books, alm...

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