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Mar 25 2019

Beauty, by Robin McKinley


After last week's review of Leife Shallcross's The Beast's Heart, I decided to re-read Robin McKinley's thematically similar 1978 novel Beauty to see how it held up to my fond childhood memories. Like The Beast's Heart, Beauty does its best to transform the Beauty and the Beast fairytale into something romantic, rather than creepy...

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Mar 25 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: Beauty, by Robin McKinley


And this week's Book Giveaway is Robin McKinley's 1978 novel Beauty, the second installment in our (unplanned) two-book series of reworked fairytales. A full review will follow shortly, and this giveaway will run through 5/10/19...

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Feb 16 2017

There are some rich Disney fans out there, folks.


According to Revelist, L'Oreal is releasing an ultra-fancy limited edition makeup collection inspired by Disney's upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast...

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Dec 6 2016

Holiday Gift Pick #1


It is time once again, dear readers, for our annual Holiday Gift Guide! We're going to spend the week showcasing some of our favorite book-themed gift ideas, which vary widely in style and price point...

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Jul 15 2014

As yet, the marketplace has failed me.


Thanks to a recent digression on Twitter about literature-inspired nail polish, I've been obsessed with the idea of a Jane Austen-inspired line of polishes, and it appears I am not alone: last summer, the website Loving Books wrote a lengthy post on the colors they would choose for the various characters...

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Jan 20 2012

Ooh, fancy...

The people who created the literature-inspired nail-polish art featured in this slideshow on Flavorwire clearly enjoy both A) more free time, and B) better fine-motor skills than 99% of the rest o...

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Jan 19 2012


We posted the announcement for the upcoming Hunger Games nail polish line a few weeks ago, but Buzzfeed has just posted a look at the actual colors... and they include a tone called "Foie Gras". ...

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May 16 2011

And who doesn't love free nail polish?

If you're going to be in Southern California in early June, you might want to add the various promotional events for the Go Fug Yourself ladies' upcoming YA book Spoiled to your day planner. In a...

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Oct 7 2010

The sweet scent of a horror-story victim

Behold, two limited-edition perfumes oils inspired by Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow:Aren't they cute? I'm not sure I actually want to smell like a spicy pumpkin, but for a mere ...

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Sep 13 2010

Eat, Pray, Love, shop

Meg sent me this link to a limited-release line of three Eat, Pray, Love-inspired fragrances on Friday, but the maker has already sold out. The sprays are apparently still available in some store...

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Aug 11 2010

Because *all* vampires need regular manicures

My goodness. Check out the complete line of Twilight-inspired nail polish from Twilight Beauty:Which vampire wears the Malibu Barbie hot pink, do you suppose?[Via BellaSugar]

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Jul 28 2010

A prize-winning novel interpreted via nail polish

I'm not sure what's up with the sudden trend toward literature-inspired nail polish, but whatever: I like books and I like nail polish, so I'll just roll with it. I'm particularly impressed by th...

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