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Jul 24 2019

Best of luck, dude.


With the recent publication of the final issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore has officially retired from comics, according to Screen Rant. His work spanned decades (and included perhaps DC's most beloved comic book of all time, The Killing Joke), won loads...

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Aug 18 2015

Yet again


According to the Huffington Post, Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic series is getting yet another reboot, despite the fact...

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Jul 18 2013

He'll have to console himself with all that cash.


The Onion's AV Club has written an enjoyably nasty article about Alan Moore's response to the recent announcement that Fox is planning on turning his comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen into a TV series. Moore has been outspoken...

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Dec 7 2011

Them's fighting words

There appears to be a lively feud brewing between comics-world superstars Frank Miller and Alan Moore, sparked by their very different views on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both authors are t...

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Feb 17 2009

Watchmen: the game

I'm not totally clear why the expectations for the upcoming adaptation of Alan Moore's Watchmen are so high (I mean, it's not like he's had good luck with film adaptations in the past), but I'm re...

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