Bisco Hatori

Bisco Hatori is the author of the gleefully silly manga Ouran High School Host Club. Host Club is the story of a quiet, unemotional girl named Haruhi, who is attending Ouran High as a scholarship student. The rest of Ouran High’s student body is fabulously wealthy, and when Haruhi accidentally knocks over a vase belonging to the school’s infamous “Host Club”, she discovers that she’s suddenly $80,000 in debt.

Host Club features all kinds of shōjo manga stereotypes as the characters charge from one ridiculous scenario to the next, and anyone looking for a serious love story is going to want to look elsewhere. But if you’re a manga fan looking for a way to pass an idle half hour, a volume of Host Club is a solid bet.

You need to be reasonably familiar with shōjo manga stereotypes to get most of the jokes.

Anywhere with a decent manga selection.

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