Lucky, lucky English people.

The Sadler's Wells Theatre in Islington is staging a ballet adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones's novel Black Maria*. Here's their official description:
Thirteen year old Mig’s family head to Cranbury-on-Sea to visit ancient Aunt Maria, but as life deteriorates into domestic chores and crushingly dull tea parties they begin to suspect things are not what they seem, and to realise that Aunt Maria is not to be crossed... Who is the mysterious ghost buried in the mound, why are there wolves in the local woods, and what is the secret of the magic green box? As Aunt Maria wields her powers Mig alone must save her family...

Choreographer Susie Crow and composer Tom Armstrong join with award winning film maker Zara Waldeback and visual effects wizard Georgie Pinn to present Black Maria, adapted from the novel by internationally acclaimed writer Diana Wynne Jones. Dance, music and film come together in powerful storytelling, brought to life by an exciting team of professional dancers. Funny, scary and moving, Black Maria offers ideal family entertainment for half term week." [Source]

Doesn't that sound awesome? (And, y'know, unfair. I already missed the Georgette Heyer play, and now this!)

*U.S. title: Aunt Maria
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