Ooooh, hardcore!

Well, dear readers, here are a couple of movie trailers based on books that wouldn't quite make the Wordcandy A-list. First, I Am Number Four:

It's that dude from that terrible-looking Beastly movie, once again exploring the dramatic potential of pushing back the hood of his jacket while being impressively back-lit. Also, I hear this book was co-written by James Frey. Neither of these facts recommend it to me. Next up, True Grit:

While the "Retribution: This Christmas" tag line made me laugh, the Wikipedia page for this book—a dubious source, I realize—informs me that the 1969 John Wayne film adaptation of this book added a romantic element between its main character (a 14-year-old girl) and an adult Texas Ranger. In this new adaptation, the Ranger character will be played by 39-year-old actor Matt Damon, so I'm sincerely hoping the Coen Bros. take any hint of romance out.
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