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Well, I am finally back from my month-long moving/starting school-related absence. I am all moved in (thanks to Julia & Nathan), and I have survived my first two weeks at college. Sadly, the more time I spend struggling through Statistics homework, the more I wonder how smart it was to decide to go back for that second degree....

Over the course of my move, I realized just how many books I own... actually, it turned out there were a few books I didn't realize that I still had. Kind of embarrassing, really. So I went looking for some kind of system that would allow me to keep track of what books I still own, and which ones have been carted off to the used bookstore. Enter Delicious Library.

This program allows you to use your webcam to scan the barcode of your favorite books, movies, music & games. It then uses that number to pull information from You end up with all the information that you would have pulled up if you had searched for the title on the web, from the release date to a brief description--even a tab with similar titles you might like.

Additionally, there's a tab that allows you to enter all your information on the book. You can give it your own review, or rating, mark if you have read it, if it is a signed copy and even put in where the book is located in your home. Plus, it links with your address book, so as you lend items you can keep track of who has them.

This application is only for Mac users, but if you've got a Mac and you love to organize, then it might be a great product for you!
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