Marina Lewycka

Marina Lewycka is a tutor at Sheffield Hallam University, the child of Ukrainian immigrants, the author of six books on “aspects of elder care” and the novel A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, a multiple-award-winning book featured in one of our book of the week reviews.

Note: Apparently, booksellers originally stuck A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian in the agriculture section. What amazes me is that they put it anywhere at all—if they didn’t realize that it was a novel, did they really think it was going to sell? How big a market for a Ukrainian-language book about the history of farming equipment could there possibly be?

Note #2: I love the hardback cover art for the History of Tractors. If they'd just kept that artwork on the paperback version, I never would have worried about it being too refined for my tastes....


Everywhere (but you might need to look in the agriculture section).

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