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Much to my delight, there is a new biography of Georgette Heyer coming out this October. According to The Bookseller, Jennifer Kloester's book Georgette Heyer: Biography of a Bestseller includes plenty of juicy details about Ms. Heyer's accusation in 1950 that Barbara Cartland had plagiarized her characters... and made them much stupider. (Heyer felt Cartland couldn't even copy a decent book.) Heyer apparently said: "I think I could have borne it better had Miss Cartland not been so common-minded, so salacious and so illiterate", and added she would "rather by far that a common thief broke in and stole all the silver".

Man, I wish I could have met Georgette Heyer. That woman knew how to turn a phrase. Particularly a mean phrase.
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