You know, I want to like Gossip Girl, but whenever I've caught even a few minutes of it online or channel-flipping at my parents' house, the acting always looks really, really bad. I mean, the actors are super-pretty, but the lion's share of them range from "painfully awkward" to "just straight-up terrible".

Still, I do love me some guilty-pleasure TV, so I'm wondering: do you eventually get so caught up in the story that you don't notice the acting? Should I rent the DVD and give it a shot?

I'm nervous, though--I don't think I'll ever get caught up in any story sufficiently to ignore acting like this:

The video below contains scenes from Season 2 of Gossip Girl.

That dude (Lord Marcus?) has the funniest English accent I think I've ever heard.
Posted by: Julianka


30 Aug, 2008 12:20 AM @ version 0

forget the bad acting what was up with the other guys hair!

30 Aug, 2008 02:09 AM @ version 0

Ah... meet the Gossip Girl equivalent of Buffy's Riley.

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