Lewis Trondheim

Frenchman Lewis Trondheim is the author of about fifty bazillion comic books, the majority of which are being (slowly) translated into English. His series Dungeon, co-written with Joann Sfar, is an absolute must-read for anyone who’s ever, say, played some serious Dungeons and Dragons. (You know who you are.) Picture a free-wheeling fantasy story with a swashbuckling duck hero, blended with the petty inner-office squabbling of a Dilbert strip.

Well… try to picture it, anyway.

Note #1: For cheap laugh, check out Trondheim’s webpage using Google’s translator function. It’s like playing MadLibs, but with some weird French thrown in!

They're really taking their sweet time with those translations.

Any decent comic book store or online.

Other Recommendations:
Anything by Terry Pratchett

http://www.lewistrondheim.com/ - (In French)
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