Norton Juster

Despite being the author of the totally awesome The Phantom Tollbooth, the geek classic The Dot and the Line, and a handful of other bizarre-but-amazing kids' books, Norton Juster's focus has remained on his architectural career. I sincerely hope that he has designed some mind-blowing buildings, because I'd hate to think that such a remarkable author would sideline his writing career for the sake of anything less.

Note: Jules Feiffer (the illustrator for The Phantom Tollbooth) and Juster were next-door neighbors. I bet the block parties were awesome.



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Posted by: Julia


17 May, 2006 09:06 PM @ version 0

i loved the book The Phantom Tollbooth. Ive been reading that book since 5th grade and im graduating this year. i have my own copy. thanks for writing a book i can actually sit down and read with no problem and i dont hate to read it unlike other books i like to read that one

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