Jayne Ann Krentz

Ms. Krentz has the distinction of having seven different pen names. Some of them write better than others.

Note: Most of her books under the Krentz name are reasonably entertaining contemporary romances. They are usually set in the Pacific Northwest and feature characters with ridiculous names. I enjoyed her series featuring Zoe Luce and Ethan Truax, a psychic interior decorator and a non-psychic private detective. Her Amanda Quick books are historical romances, and the series of romantic suspense/mystery stories featuring Tobias March and Lavinia Lake (another mystically-powered woman/skeptical man romance- in this case she's a mesmerist) are fairly entertaining, although they frequently read like B-grade Anne Perry with some implausible sex scenes thrown in. Her Jayne Castle books are fantasy/sci-fi/romance hybrids, and while the ones I've read (the After Dark series) are pretty mediocre, most of the books written for that particular genre are so terrible that these books look quite good in comparison.



Other Recommendations:
If you like Amanda Quick, try any of the Victorian mystery novels by Anne Perry

If you like Jayne Castle, try Restoree, by Anne McCaffery

If you like Jayne Ann Krentz, try anything by Nora Roberts

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