The Hollywood gods are smiling.

For once, a trend we can encourage: making movie or tv adaptations of books that we haven't read and don't give a damn about.

Example number one:

Gossip Girl

The only reason we're even remotely interested in this soaptastic TV series, based on those cheesy-looking YA books, is that it's going to be narrated by Kristen Bell, star of the late, lamented Veronica Mars. Hopefully she didn't sign on just because she needed to pay the rent....

And example number two:

The Spiderwick Chronicles

We're only on nodding terms with this fantasy series, but the movie adaptation appears to have two things going for it: A) the series it's based on is co-authored by Wordcandy author Holly Black, and B) the film stars that surprisingly non-obnoxious kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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