Isaac Adamson

The first thing that attracted me to Isaac Adamson’s 2001 novel Tokyo Suckerpunch: A Billy Chaka Adventure was its gloriously lurid pink-and-yellow cover art, which, along with the book’s title, should give you fair idea of its contents. Adamson’s series follows the campy misadventures of Billy Chaka, martial arts expert and wandering reporter for the charmingly named teen magazine “Youth in Asia”. If you’re a fan of James Bond spoofs, anime, or Sinfest, these are the Wordcandy books for you.

While all of the Billy Chaka books are entertaining, the third raises more questions than it answers, which makes for frustrating reading. Also, that stuff about his friend pulling out her teeth when she gets upset? Truly revolting.

Everywhere, in expensive ($13) but ever-so-pretty paperback editions.

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