Susan Cooper

My little brother is incapable of reading Susan Cooper’s two-time Newbury Award-winning The Dark Is Rising series without giving this whiny speech about how none of the books’ suspense actually works because the series’ ending is predetermined. I notice that this complaint doesn’t stop him from re-reading this series every few years, though, which proves that he's not a total idiot--Ms. Cooper’s books are a gorgeous blend of fantasy, suspense, and mythology (in this case, Welsh legends and Arthurian myths) enjoyable for both children and adults.

None (unless you’re my little brother). This is awesome stuff.


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01 Apr, 2005 09:50 AM @ version 0

The Dark is Rising is one of my favorite fantasy series. I would definately recomend the books to anyone (I did feel slighty upset at the last few pages of Silver on the Tree, but I won't say any more, because it is a really good book.) I love all the mythology invovled in it. Read Them!!!

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