Patricia C. Wrede

While most of Patricia Wrede’s early fantasy books read like sub-par Robin McKinley, her Dealing With Dragons series and her fairytale adaptation Snow White and Rose Red are both very entertaining. Her most Wordcandy-worthy publication, however, remains her half of the cult favorite Sorcery and Cecelia.

Sorcery and Cecelia is a hugely enjoyable book (co-written with Caroline Stevermer and originally released in 1988) that combines Georgette Heyer-style Regency romance with a fantasy setting. The novel describes the adventures of two gently-bred young cousins, and features familiar Regency social hotspots, gossipy teatime conversation, and epic battles with evil magicians. It is told in epistolary form, with Wrede and Stevermer each taking on the persona of one of the main characters.

Note: Sorcery and Cecelia began as a game between the two authors. One would write a letter (in character) and send it to the other, who would send back a response, also in character. Apparently, they only met to tidy up some loose ends.


Everywhere for the Dealing With Dragons books and Sorcery and Cecelia, used bookstores and libraries for everything else.

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