Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart is best known for her Merlin trilogy. They are beautifully written, and anyone who likes Arthurian legend should enjoy them. (Although I can't say that I do. But then, the only version of the Arthurian legend I've ever been able to stomach was T.H. White's The Sword in the Stone, so I'm probably not being fair. My mother says they're Wordcandy, and that's good enough for me.) Far more to my taste is Mary Stewart's note-perfect Nine Coaches Waiting, a 1950s gothic romantic/suspense novel. It has everything: the lovely young English governess, the smoldering rake, the sinister supporting cast. It's such a gorgeously atmospheric collection of clich├ęs that I don't understand why no one has ever bothered to film it. This is proven stuff, Hollywood! People would pay good money to see it!


Libraries and most bookstores.

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