Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood is a perfectly respectable romance novelist. She has a very limited output and is similar in sensibility to Judith McNaught, although without, happily, the weird sex stuff. While all of her books are well-written and reasonably entertaining, few are particularly memorable.

Note: Check out Rose Hill, the made-for-TV version of Garwood’s novel For the Roses, which features a young Jennifer Garner in a very non-Alias role.



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Posted by: Julia


05 Sep, 2004 01:34 PM @ version 0

I actually find Julie Garwood books fairly entertaining. I would not call them historically acurate, or even always realistic, but sometimes they are just the ticket for a rainy day. I have not read any of her westerns or modern day books, so I cannot give any opinion of them. What I have read are stories set about 900 years ago in Scotland, or about 200 years ago in England. The stories are pretty much formula. Ultra "macho" male versus headstrong independent female. She is different from other women, he gives her the security she craves. Clash of cultures. Inevitable love. Splashes of humor, intrigue, danger. Perfect for a rainy day.

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